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CRAO Safety Policy

As members of the Crane Rental Association we expect that there is a mutual understanding of our commitment to the safe operation of machinery and equipment.

Our member companies realize that their most important assets are their workers.


It is the responsibility of each and every member company to develop a safety policy and to ensure that its workers are familiar with its content.

Our member companies are committed to:

Making health and safety an integral part of all corporate management, operational procedures and work environment;


Meeting all applicable legislation, policies and standards;


Providing, implementing, and delivering a quality program to eliminate injuries in the workplace;


It is of the utmost importance for all members of the Crane Rental Association of Ontario to maintain a positive attitude towards each other and our customers. We will strive to gain respect in all areas of performance and will work to ensure the health and safety of all workers.


To ensure workplace safety, it is essential that all workers take the necessary measures to avoid occupational hazards. Crane Rental companies and their customers are expected to conduct regular workplace inspections in order to verify compliance, and to identify and report hazards and occurrences.

  • The Association is committed to ensuring that management
    and workers share equal responsibility to promote and build a partnership in eliminating workplace injuries and illnesses.



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